Azealia Banks / Credit: WireImage

Azealia Banks / Credit: WireImage

Azealia Banks has said she wants to "punch the ugly one", referring to one of the members of electronic duo Disclosure.

The rapper fell out with the pair during a recording session last September, revealing the argument took place on her Twitter account, much to their annoyance.

Now she doesn't know what's going to happen to the track and is so angry with how her posts were reacted to by the pair, that she'd like to hit one of them to take out her frustration.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper in an interview she explained: "I want to punch one of them in the face - the little one. The ugly one. I want to hit him so bad. I saw him at the airport in Australia and I came over to him and I was like, 'Hello? Like, what are we going to do with this song?' And he was just being a d**khead. I started crying, I was so angry. I wanted to hit him. I cannot stand that little boy with all those pimples around his mouth. I love their music, though."

She still doesn't understand why their collaboration was supposed to be kept a secret, and hinted the British heritage of the brothers may be responsible for their attitude.

Explaining how their feud began she said: "I tweeted that I just had the best session with Disclosure, because I was such a fan-girl and I was so excited to have met them. But I guess their thing was, 'What if the song isn't that good and you hyped it up?' But I was like, 'So f***ing what?' So they tried to be, like, assholes. And the next day they went to the media and they were like, 'Oh well, I don't know why she's so excited, because we haven't even finished this song or written a hook for it.' I mean, come on!"

Azealia's been involved in multiple high-profile disputes in her career, including one with British indie band The Stone Roses at Australia's Future Music Festival last year.

Saying that the row was sparked because one of the roadies for the group attempted to sabotage her stage in a pact with her ex-boyfriend - also her tour manager - it led to her screaming on the festival site in Ian Brown's face.

"I'd been looking for The Roses all day, and this van comes up and Ian Brown gets out the car, and he's like, 'Why you talking about me on Twitter?' And literally I got this close to him. I'm like, 'Rarrrrrr!'" Azealia said.

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