Ashley Roberts feels she should be able to choose when she wants to be sexy.

Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts

The 38-year-old singer and her Pussycat Dolls bandmates - Carmit Bachar, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica Sutta and Kimberly Wyatt - have recently come under fire for their flirty on-stage outfits, but Ashley doesn't understand the furore surrounding their sexy attire.

She said: "We should be able to choose when we want to be sexy.

"We as women need to build a space where no matter your quirkiness, your curves or whatever you have got you can come to us and feel accepted."

Carmit, 45, explained that her body confidence stems from her mother.

And the pop star thinks it's important to "celebrate" her body and to express herself.

She told Glamour magazine: "I know my mother was a dancer and she always taught me to celebrate my body and express myself.

"Our intention behind it is only positive. We are not doing anything overt, it's for performance and appreciation."

Despite this, Carmit acknowledges that her body has changed over the years.

The singer also said it's important to be "gentle and compassionate with yourself".

She reflected: "All of our bodies have changed but I know when it comes to your mental space you have to be gentle and compassionate with yourself. You have to love all the curves and that is what makes us women.

"That is what makes us sexy. We work so hard so for us to be so judgemental of ourselves is just crazy. We look back at older pictures now and I think, why did I beat myself up?"