There’s no denying the incredible impact Anastacia has had on the world of music. With one of the most instantly-recognisable voices in the industry and a talent incomparable to others in the business, she’s gone from strength-to-strength with her music releases, and that doesn’t look to be changing with the release of her new single, ‘Caught In The Middle’.

New album 'Evolution' is released September 15

New album 'Evolution' is released September 15

At just under three minutes, the new song isn’t the longest we’ve ever heard, but it manages to make its mark with punchy vocals and production from Anders Bagge that turn it into an instant earworm. This is Anastacia at her best; encouraging the listener to sing along with infectious lyrics and an electronic vibe woven throughout.

Though the topic of confusing relationships isn’t new ground for many artists, Anastacia still allows her new song to feel modern and fresh, as well as being relatable for and grounded for many of those who will be listening. This is a woman who knows her fan base and while she isn’t afraid to try new things, she knows how to deliver exactly what they want.

This is one we’ll have on repeat all summer and if it’s a taster of what we should expect from Anastacia’s upcoming record, we’re going to be very happy with the results indeed.

Anastacia’s ‘Caught In The Middle’ is available to stream and download later today (July 28). New album ‘Evolution’ is set for release on September 15.

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