Steven Tyler - Longevity Drugs And Fatherhood.... 'Attitude' Is The Answer To Tyler's Longevity Rocker Steven Tyler has the answer to his Sir Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop's long successful careers - their attitudes.The Aerosmith singer insists he and his contemporaries are far from the most talented performers of their generation, but have stuck around because of their personalities.He says, "(Pop) doesn't have the greatest voice, but neither do I and neither does Mick."But what we've all got is the attitude. Iggy just does not stop."Meanwhile Steven Tyler Approves Cover the singer approves of the latest cover of Aerosmith's hit Walk This Way, performed by the Sugababes and Girls Aloud at Comic Relief (Mar07).The rock band reworked their original 1975 song with Run Dmc in 1986.The British girl group's cover of the song went to number one in the UK and raised thousands of pounds for the charity event aimed at helping poor children in Africa and Britain.Tyler says, "It was done from their heart for a good cause.

"And the video - a bunch of hotties shaking their asses? That was cool."

Tyler Regrets Choosing Drugs Over Fatherhood, in other news Steven Tyler will always regret letting drugs rule his life and keeping him from his daughter, actress Liv Tyler.

Liv's mother, former model Bebe Buell, initially lied about the actress' paternity to protect her from the Aerosmith frontman's drug abuse.

He says, "I surely have regrets about not being there for Liv when she was growing up.

"Now she's doing movies all the time and I still don't see much of her."