Sandie Shaw

Sandie Shaw

Sandie Shaw became embroiled in an argument with fellow singer Jackie Trent during a U.K. radio interview after accusing the star of once trying to drown her.

The 1960s singers were both guests on BBC Radio 4's The Reunion show, which aired on Sunday (19Aug12), and Shaw alleged Trent attacked her because she was jealous of her friendship with music manager Eve Taylor.

Shaw raged, "I was with Eve Taylor and so was Jackie and I think that's the reason she threw me in the swimming pool because she was jealous".

Trent replied, "No, I did not throw you in the swimming pool", prompting Shaw to insist "Oh yes you did, and you knew I couldn't swim... I have witnesses".

Trent joked, "And you should have been drowned at that particular time", while Shaw retorted, "See she's just that kind of girl... you are just a big bully, Jackie. Older women are always bullying me".