Reverend & The Makers

Reverend & The Makers

The frontman of cult British rock act Reverend & The Makers has been cautioned by police in Scotland following an arrest on drug possession charges.

Jon McClure was found in possession of marijuana at the Inverness Ramada hotel on Thursday morning and arrested.

Speaking to, the singer/guitarist doesn't appear to be taking the caution too seriously: "I was with the wife, ordered some room service and was butt naked. Next thing rozzers (police) are at the door, so I pulled me kecks (underwear) on and next thing they are rooting through our cases.

"They took my herb and were dead happy because it was the first famous person they had arrested... They are going to write me a letter telling me off, I might burn up a fat one with the letter."

The incident came just hours before McClure and his band were scheduled to take to the stage at the Inverness Ironworks.