Berlin, September, 10, 2007 The official museum of the legendary New York punk gang Ramones’s, the only one in the whole world, and one of the most Rock’N’Roll sites in Europe, is forced to soon close their doors. According to the museum’s representative Florian Hayler, they are being asked by the landlord to leave the building they currently occupy at Solmsstrasse, 30, and there is no new location for the museum as yet. More than 300 unique and original Ramones’ items from 1975 to 1996, from unpublished photographs to signed posters, promo-gimmicks, setlists and tons of original tour-shirts and other collectables won’t be available to public for an uncertain amount of time. We would really like to find a place so we could have a bigger and better museum, that will grow, - says Florian, - but at the moment we have nowhere to go. The museum has been highly rated by music fans and press on an international level, and just at the beginning of this year the Ramones’ Museum held an It’s Alive event, remembering the history of the legendary New York punk band with the venue being overflooded by fans from all over the world. The ultimate Ramones DVD It’s Alive 1974-1996s released in the UK on October the 1st 2007.

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