Pablo Montero

Pablo Montero

Cuban modelactor WILLIAM LEVY has Mexican star PABLO MONTERO to thank for his invite to compete on Dancing With the Stars - because the singer recommended him to U.S. TV producers after pulling out of the gig.

He should keep doing things the way he is doing them

Levy, who portrayed Jennifer Lopez's lover in her I'm Into You video, was unveiled as part of the reality show's celebrity line-up last month (Feb12) and he's been impressing judges on the hit show with his fancy footwork.

But Spanish-speaking Montero admits he was meant to be the Latin attraction on the programme - until language difficulties and schedule clashes forced him to drop out of the show.

He tells, "I had a meeting with all the producers and I needed to sign up for an English course. After that, things got complicated and I wasn't able to do it (Dancing with the Stars). But I was confirmed to do it".

Instead, Montero suggested Levy take his place - and the singer is proud of his pal's progress in the dancing competition as he competes againstthe likes of Gladys Knight, actress Melissa Gilbert and Welsh opera starKatherine Jenkins.

He says, "He is doing it with the right intentions. (With) all the enthusiasm. He should keep doing things the way he is doing them".