Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger has avoided a costly legal battle with the man who found her missing $286,700 (Eur200,000 £175,500) ring after both sides agreed to settle a dispute over a reward out of court.

Sir Mick Jagger's ex-wife lost the expensive platinum and aquamarine band in Salzberg, Austria in August 2008, but it was returned to her the following month (Sep08) after local millionaire Reinhard Ringler found the ring and handed it over to authorities.

Jagger initially refused to hand over the reward of $14,335 (Eur10,000 £9,555), which Ringler was entitled to by Austrian law, which statesthe finder must be given five per cent of the item's value.

The former model cited the "long delay" in the return of the jewellery for her actions, but Ringler claimed he had given the ring to his daughter after deciding it was of little value and only took it to the police when he heard of Jagger's appeal for its return.

Jagger then offered to give $12,900 (Eur9,000 £8,600) of the reward to charity and the remaining $1,430 (Eur1,000 £955) to Ringler's daughter, a deal which he rejected.

The civil lawsuit was due to go before a judge later this year (09) but Ringler has suspended the legal proceedings after the two parties agreed to work out a settlement over the next three months.

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