Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos has dismissed reports he's begun work on a stage musical - urging fans not to take his comments so seriously.

The singer was reported to be planning a theatre production, following a recent interview with an Australian radio station.

He told Triple J, "I did have this amazing idea, I've been keeping it a secret for ages! I think it would make an amazing musical. The thing is, what would make a great musical would be to pick a contemporary figure, like somebody from either current times of the last 10 years (sic). Somebody who's had a big impact. And write it about them."

But the star has taken to his page in a bid to clarify the story. He writes, “I'm not writing a bloody musical. I was talking about an idea I had for one. Doesn't mean I'm going to write it. My fault! Opening my mouth and letting my imagination go etc. It was fun to chat about it, though."

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