Despite rampant misogyny, sheer hatred, sexism and the like being consistently thrown at Madonna, she's a performer and artist who has survived for decades in showbusiness. Refusing to let trolls and bullies drag her down, she has fought against oppressors all of her life, and in celebration of her 60th birthday today (August 16), we've decided to take a look back at her 7 most empowering moments to-date!

7. When she released Express Yourself

Serving as the soundtrack for millions who just want to be themselves, Madonna pushed the boundaries of pop music once more when she released the brilliant Express Yourself all the way back in 1989. You've just got to listen to the lyrics of the song to realise just how empowering this tune really is.

6. The publication of her book SEX

Madonna at the Met Gala / Photo Credit: NYKC
Madonna at the Met Gala / Photo Credit: NYKC

Being a woman in charge during the peak of Madonna's career was something the press would love to pick over, in a bid to tear her down whenever possible. When she released her book SEX, they tried their hardest to destroy her, but she would win out, as is always the case.

5. The Like A Prayer music video

Madonna's been unwavering in her push for total equality ever since her debut, and one of the best examples of that comes in her Like A Prayer music video. There, she tackles racism by kissing an African-American religious figure, before standing amongst a bunch of crosses which are all in flames. At the time, she had a deal with Pepsi, but when the soda company saw her new visuals they decided to drop her...

4. That epic Super Bowl performance

Fortunately, Madonna would get one over on Pepsi decades later when she was invited to be the performer for the iconic Super Bowl Halftime show in 2012. She even ended the entire set with a rendition of Like A Prayer, sticking it to the man and showing just how far we've all come in recent years.

3. Her Women's March speech in Washington

President Donald Trump is one of the most divisive figures in history, and Madonna let her true thoughts be known about the POTUS at the Women's March in 2017. Taking on the President and misogynistic behaviour that has run rampant throughout America, and indeed the world, she made a couple of comments that would set the world on fire. Still, she stood tall and backed everything she came out with, refusing to apologise for speaking her mind.

2. When she accepted Billboard's Woman of the Year Award

There are no airs or graces when it comes to Madonna and being on the stage. She's somebody who says exactly what's on her mind, and will make crude yet hilarious jokes whenever she deems it necessary; just because she's a woman doesn't mean she doesn't have the right to do so! That's exactly what she proved in this beautiful, tragic, compelling and inspiring speech, where she looked back on some of the highs and lows of her life.

1. When she turned 60

The most exciting thing about Madonna is that you can never predict what she's going to do next. Today, many expected a huge photoshoot to come out, with Madonna celebrating turning 60 and breaking down so many barriers within the industry. Instead, she's opted to relax with her family, and what's more empowering than being able to do exactly that whilst being THE Madonna? Oh, and she shared the amazing performance above for our viewing pleasure, from this year's Met Gala!

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