With the summer rapidly approaching, the world's top DJs will be gathering together in a bid to create some of the season's best dancefloor fillers. And as always, 2016 looks to be a year where there'll be a host of familiar tunes that'll have been given a facelift for the modern dance era.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

There's something about a recognisable hook that can signal mass dancefloor euphoria, so here's a look at what you'll be dancing to in the summer months.

- Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining (Funkstar Deluxe Remix)

The reggae icon's Sun Is Shining song has enjoyed numerous reworkings since its inception in 1971. One of the biggest outings for the Bob Marley hit was in 1999 when the Danish DJ Funkstar Deluxe gave it a modern revamp that became a huge global smash.

And the remix recently saw a 15-year anniversary update complete with this blissed-out video that serves as the perfect reminder to get out there and enjoy the sun.

- Oasis - Wonderwall ft. Katy McAllister (Monkey Joker Edit)

One of the more surprising additions to the old school dance arsenal was this reworking of the Oasis classic, Wonderwall. Despite the Luddite tendencies of the Gallagher brothers, they've had other successful incursions into the dance world with Noel Gallagher's amazing Setting Son collaboration with The Chemical Brothers. And despite his shelving of the experimental Amorphous Androgynous album, this tropical house cover of Wonderwall proves that a good song can't stay down.

- Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A-Coming (PhYnee Remix)

Although the above Oasis cover may be a little saccharine, the PhYnee remix of the Jimi Hendrix classic manages to stay a little truer to the original by keeping the grit of the rock icon's performance, but imbues it with a sleek modern twist.

Hendrix is yet another star who's managed to live on in surprising ways throughout the 21st century thanks to Mr. Smith Casino who've even pioneered a Jimi Hendrix-themed slot machine game that adds a little 1960s bohemia to their range of online casino games.

- The Police - Every Breath You Take (Deep Chills Remix)

And finally, this signature song by The Police was famously covered by Puff Daddy in 1997 but was recently given a new lease of life by with an emotive remix courtesy of Deep Chills. The sensitive house reworking manages to keep Sting's heartfelt vocals and adds a surprising saxophone part.

This provides just enough glamour to keep it amongst summer's most chilled-out hits that're perfect for your next poolside party that will be best served with some of Mr. Smith Casino's glamorous games and a long, cool drink!