We’re now four days into May, and having looked at both the biggest movies and television shows coming out this month, we’ve now decided to pick out the five albums we’re most looking forward to in the next few weeks. Read on and find out the 5 Albums Out This May We Can’t Wait To Hear.

5. Blondie – ‘Pollinator’ – Released May 5

As the eleventh studio album from Blondie, ‘Pollinator’ isn’t a collection of work that the group have to use to prove anything; they’ve already cemented their status as legends of the industry. Instead, they can here just enjoy themselves which they certainly seem to be doing in the cuts we’ve heard from the record so far. We can’t wait to hear what Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, Clem Burke, Leigh Foxx, Matt Katz-Bohen and Tommy Kessler have done here!

4. New Kids on The Block – ‘Thankful’ – Released May 12

‘Thankful’ is technically an EP rather than a full-length album, but it’s still something that had to make our list following the releases we’ve heard so far. After releasing their last studio album ‘TEN’ and storming up the charts across the globe, the group are ready to reveal new material for their fans once again.

3. Paramore – ‘After Laughter’ – Released May 12

Paramore show no signs of slowing down with their recent music releases, unleashing a unique and evolved sound that’s never been more present than on new track ‘Told You So’, which you can hear and see the new music video for above. Eccentric and colourful, the group are unafraid to test their fans’ loyalty by experimenting with differing directions to those they’ve taken in the past, and the result has been, at least for us, a brilliant one.

2. Linkin Park – ‘One More Light’ – Released May 19

Following the announcement that they’ll be touring with their new album will come the record’s official release on May 19, marking the group’s first LP since 2014’s ‘The Hunting Party’. Collaborating with the likes of Stormzy and Pusha T, the group are showing that whilst they may be many years into their career, they can still mould and evolve to remain ever-present in the public eye.

1. The Charlatans – ‘Different Days’ – Released May 26

Whilst The Charlatans can easily stand on their own two feet, there’s an incredible roster of guest stars on ‘Different Days’. Following the loss of Jon Brookes in 2013, Pete Salisbury has joined the group following his time as drummer with Verve, joining on a full-time basis. The result is a changing sound but one that’s also instantly recognisable.

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