Hailing from the streets of Manhattan, music was the not the career that Liz Asaro ever imagined for herself. She gravitated towards the guitar, and so initially had lessons to accompany herself "singing around the house and for my kids". It was when having these lessons that those around her realised her voice could no longer be relegated to the confines of her house, and so Take Me Home was born.

Written about the sudden passing of a very close friend, Take Me Home is an unbelievably emotional song. It is about picking yourself up when everything seems lost, it is about finding the strength to carry on. It is powerful, and touching and a real musical triumph.

“I know how I feel when I hear a song, especially a song that really moves me” answered Liz when asked about why she turned her head to songwriting. She wanted to make people feel and she wanted to move them, an aim absolutely achieved with this song.

The track starts with a commanding drum beat and a repeating electric guitar riff, Liz Asaro then takes the stage with vocals that are as powerful as they are imbued with meaning, she sings the lyrics in such a way that the sentiment truly can be felt as much as it can be heard. This trio of ‘voices’ builds in texture until we reach the climax of the track, an upbeat and powerful chorus.

The tune has an intriguing and beguiling Gaelic vibe, perhaps not surprising given Liz’s own Irish heritage, something that she is very proud of.

Take Me Home truly is the best of both worlds, it’s lyrics and heart felt sentiment mean many relate to the song, whilst the rocky musicality gives the track power and authority. Out on April 16, get ready to join Liz Asaro on a musical journey guaranteed to surprise and impress.