Having released their brilliant debut album Keep Off The Grass to rave reception, The Dark Light are the new fantastic fivesome you need to add to your music library. Formed in London by Italian guitarist Marco Simoncello, who brought together the brilliant team that make up the group as they stand today, this May 25, 2018 will see the band play at the Cherry Cola Club in London, ahead of their July 20 date at St Moritz Club, also in London.

The Dark Light reveal 15 things about their group

The Dark Light reveal 15 things about their group

Ahead of those live performances, we caught up with The Dark Light’s five members, who each told us a few things they think their fans should know about them! Some were a little more modest than others…

Gerard, Vocals

  • As any decent vocalist should do, he brings as much cheek as he does charm.
  • Originally hailing from Liverpool, he has the Mersey beat in his veins.
  • When he’s not singing on a microphone, he’s often found talking into one, presenting radio shows in London.

Marco, Guitar

  • Marco breathes, moves, talks, and tastes like his hometown of Roma.
  • He also loves the football team. A lot. Marco loves art, whether it’s visual or audible.
  • He gets his kicks out of the likes of movie director Sergio Leone, and Gretsch semi-acoustic guitars for his rock’n’roll music.

Henning, Drums

  • Henning’s wild and wonderful style doesn’t end when he steps away from the drum kit. He has a passion for rock music and a great knowledge of the legends.
  • He’s a big believer in the world being a good place for good people.
  • For those wanting to get a bit more personal with the drummer, we’re sorry to say he’s engaged.

Rob, Guitar

  • If Rob wasn’t in The Dark Light, he’d probably be some kind of messiah somewhere, with the masses bowing down to him.
  • Yes, he looks like a religious icon.
  • Luckily, Rob’s talents have skewed towards the guitar, and he has made music for the world of theatre, so you know he’s better than good.

Sonny, Bass

  • Sonny is the baby of the band. He has worked in stage lighting and has designed rigs, installed, and hit the switches for band tours, and he knows how to make musicians look as good as they sound.
  • He doesn’t do too badly in the looks department himself.
  • Sonny has three tattoos; none of which are well hidden.
The Dark Light's debut album 'Keep Off The Grass' is out now
The Dark Light's debut album 'Keep Off The Grass' is out now

Passionate about rock’n’roll? The Dark Light’s brilliant debut album Keep Off The Grass is available now for download and streaming!

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