Well, 2009 has been filled with all kinds of ups and down, but as I struggle to make a ‘Driving CD’ for my little Ron Burgundy - that‘s my purple car if you‘re not down with the kids - I decided it was time to make a list of the albums which I’ve just been listening to over and over this year.

Whilst some of you might agree, some might think I’ve got a rubbish taste in music, and some might think that I’ve left the best band on the planet (who just so happen to be your favourite) out.

But coming up over the next few days are the albums which I’ve added to my iTunes over the past 9 months, and which have had at least one song played every working day since their addition. Now that’s a record.

Daughtry - Leave This Town

I’m not usually an avid follower of folk who appear on the X Factor / American Idol / some other reality tv show following a bunch of popstar wannabe’s, well except when it come to my old friend Sam Nixon… but Chris Daughtry isn’t half bad is he?

When I first heard their CD I was hanging out with the lads from Vagabond, who initially threw the CD on the ‘cast off’ pile, but as I have a bit of a soft spot for the underdogs, I brushed it off and popped it in my computer.

I was just astounded, I wish I could have a voice like this, and write such utterly brilliant songs for everyone to hear. I know the album has only just come out over here, but if you have a spare couple of pounds this weekend, I highly recommend you buy it!

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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