Hot Chip

Hot Chip

Hot on the heels of their sold out and critically acclaimed UK tour and following the release of the band’s masterful fourth long player and ubiquitous single ‘One Life Stand’, Hot Chip are delighted to announce details of their new single “I Feel Better”, released April 19th on Parlophone records.

We’ve only saw the video still for this track and we knew we were going to be loving the video, and it’s true, we do! It’s not just that we thing Octavian and Popeye are a bit of alright either, it’s actually a pretty good song.

Okay, so the fact that they do get their kit off might sway it for us a little bit, but that’s ONLY because we’ve had a super long winter, and we haven’t seem topless men strutting around in goodness knows how long…

What do YOU make of it though?

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