After a recent interview, Female First got back in touch with the incomparable band Daughtry to find out if they could give us a list of 15 interesting things about the group that they want everyone to know about them.

This is what they came up with!


1. Chris is not as tall as people think. Actual height is 5’8 ½” (yes he values the half inch!)

2. Steely levitates while sleeping and mediation. At no point does his body touch the bed.

3. JP has at least 3 cups of Starbucks before any other band member wakes up.

4. Elvio is a golf nut. He hopes to someday buy a green jacket.

5. Brian Craddock owns a studio called The Cat Room and produces a variety of bands during his time at home in Charlottesville, Virginia.

6. When in London, it is band tradition to eat at Wagamama for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

7. On days off, Chris spends time drawing comic book characters.

8. Chris is an amateur gymnast—he can do backflips.

9. Jamal has played drums with Cee Lo Green, P. Diddy and Backstreet Boys before joining up with Daughtry.

10. Chris enjoys a Jack & Coke prior to going on stage.

11. Chris is a social media fanatic. He runs his own Twitter and Instagram feeds. Make sure to say reach out and say hi to him!

12. “Up” is Chris’ favorite Disney/Pixar movie.

13. Chris owns Batman cowls from several of the movies (and yes, he does wear them from time to time).

14. Daughtry has never played a show in Brazil—but someday hopes to play there.

15. As a child, Chris’s favorite singer was British legend, Rick Astley.

Check out the official music video for Daughtry's new single 'Battleships', taken from their album 'Baptized', below.

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