After ten days of trawling though the movies that disappointed us the most or that we thought we down right rubbish, we have made it to the number one spot in out Worst Movies of 2014 countdown. We have already had harsh words to say about American Hustle, New York Winter's Takes, Devil's Due, Pompeii, Blended I Frankenstein, The Legend of Hercules, Ouija and 300: Rise of an Empire, but what movie could be worse than all of those?… sadly, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has clinched the top spot.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

It was back in 2005 when Sin City hit the big screen and it was one of the standout films of that year. Fans have had almost a decade wait for the sequel to finally hit the big screen, and this was one of the movies that I was most looking forward to this year. However, the nine-year wait was not worth it, as A Dame To Kill For was a pale imitation of its predecessor. Not only was this the worst film of the year, it was, for me, the biggest big screen disappointment of 2014.

A Dame To Kill For saw Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller in the director's chair as the movie wove together two of Miller's classic stories with new tales as the town's most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more reviled inhabitants. Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, and Rosario Dawson were some of the familiar faces on board, while Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Eva Green were some of the big new additions to the cast list.

It was always going to be virtually impossible to recreate awe that came with the first film, but instead of making a film that had its own identity or brought something new to the franchise, it was nothing more than a more violent carbon copy of the 2005 film. There is no denying that the film is still visually stunning - it really is one terrific looking film, but beyond that is really did leave me feeling a little cold.

You have a got a film that looks fantastic and is packed with some super talented actors, and yet the film fails spectacularly because of the dull as dishwater script - I am afraid it is just total and utter nonsense. We haven't seen a Sin City film in almost a decade and that is the best that they could come up with. The first movie was packed to the rafters with interesting characters and relationships, as well as a fast-paced plot that left us on the edge of our seat.

Everything that made that movie spectacular is just disappeared and it really is so sad to see a franchise fall from such dizzy heights. Instead, we are just left with violence and grubby sex. No character development, no emotion... and most of all, no fun. Miller penned the screenplay for the film and he just hasn't brought anything to this second film - I suppose you could say that whole thing has just been a total and utter pointless exercise.

The femme fatale played a major part in Sin City, a movie that was packed with strong female characters that could more than look after themselves. This time around, the fabulous femme fatale has almost totally disappeared, replaced with female characters that do nothing more than flaunt their physical attributes about. Even Nancy's revenge story was dull and forgettable.

The way that movie looked was the only great thing about Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and is the only thing that stropped me for walking out of the cinema. The black and white visuals with the splashes of colour as breathtaking and as beautiful as they were nine years ago - seriously, you will not see a more stunning looking movie than this in 2014.

Sadly, it was all style over substance and visuals alone were enough to save a movie that was void of great characters, strong storylines, drama, and humour - which were the keystones of the first film. This is the most disappointed I have been when walking out of a cinema in quite some time as this movie in no way lived up to my lofty expectations. If you are a fan of the Sin City, I suggest that give this movie a wide berth and get out your Sin City DVD instead.

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