I had my first experience of the Gallery with my husband not too long ago and I would go back in a heartbeat. Here’s why it makes your cinema going experience so unforgettable.

All the popcorn you can eat!

All the popcorn you can eat!

It feels like an extravagance- You have to take the elevator to the highest point in the cinema- where no-one else is allowed to go without the VIP tickets so it feels very exclusive indeed.

It’s the ideal gift- If you friend, lover or family member is beyond excited for a film- this is the perfect present for them because it’s not like a regular trip to the movies. It’s so much more.

The chairs are bigger- Yes- they have more room for your booty and legs, a curved head rest to ensure there’s no interruption from fellow cinema goers and they are divided into pairs- so perfect for couples to snuggle up on. They even come with a pillow!

The snacks and drinks- You do pay a little more for the tickets, but unlimited snacks is worth it if you have a weakness for nachos, fizzy drinks and popcorn. Eat much as you like in the 2-hour period- bring on the dip!

You can upgrade- You can get alcoholic drinks and other hot snacks at an extra cost if you feel like pushing the boat out!

Cinema in style- Some cinemas even let you take alcoholic drinks in with you so you can sip on your poison while watching perfect picture quality!

You can go early- If you arrive a bit before the start time, you can sit in the plush seating area and wait to be called through- a much better way to ease you into your cinema experience than standing in a queue.

You don’t get time wasters- People don’t pay that sort of money to talk though the movie, look at their phones or eat noisy food so you’re among like-minded people. Which brings me onto my next point…

You are right at the back of the cinema at the highest point- So if anyone decides to be selfish and spoil it for the rest of the audience in the regular seats- you aren’t aware of it.

It’s the perfect way to end the day- If night time cinema visits are your thing- you can spend the day shopping and sightseeing before you arrive- just don’t have anything to eat or the unlimited snacks will be wasted on you!

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