Nicolas Cage has been in so many weird and wonderful films, and while his new movie, Jiu Jitsu may hit that same mark, it seems as though this will be an entirely new frontier for the action star.

Nicolas Cage as Wylie / Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures

Nicolas Cage as Wylie / Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures

Nicolas Cage

Cage was born in January of 1964, in California.

He is now 56 years old and is still in the entertainment business – some may celebrate and others may simply not care, but one thing you can always say about Cage is that he always brings his A-game.

His list of films he has been in is quite long, but some of his most popular include: Ghost Rider, Face/Off, National Treasure, Kick Ass, and he also voiced Spider-Man Noir in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse rather recently.

Cage is still very well-known after all these years, and even if you’re on the side that doesn’t like Cage, you can still name at least one of his films, right?

What is Cage’s new film about?

Cage’s new movie, simply titled Jiu Jitsu, is said to follow Cage’s character, Wylie, as he battles an entirely new foe – an alien nicknamed Brax who seems to really enjoy martial arts (stay with me here!).

The narrative it said to be this: every six years an alien returns to earth and demands that a number of warriors face him – with martial arts of course.

Many of Cage’s film are rarely known for their realism, and tend to have such wacky plots – this film, however, seems to tick the wacky box, but the realism factor seems to be creeping in subtly. It seems this time we might get the realism we wanted; with possibly the least realistic film he’s done.

Despite the plot involving an alien who supposedly gave humanity its Jiu Jitsu skills, the film nonetheless offers a “Hollywood version of how Jiu Jitsu came about. And it came about through a space man.” (Ryan Tarran, for Empire Magazine)

With not much else to go off in regard to the narrative, we can still see that the movie will be stunning, plenty of classy fight scenes and action – and the design of Brax combines mysterious and tactile and looks rather good. The film is also stated to have a bit of the 80s mixed in, which sounds like a perfect fit for this flick.

The love put into this film is clear, and as always, Cage appears to have poured everything into it that he could. However, the plot and idea behind the movie does seem a little far-fetched, and could be a disaster. But, with Cage taking the lead and working hard on his role, it may be something great – we will have to wait and see…

The film wants to be good, that much is clear, and from the trailer we can see that dialogue is maybe a little daft, but the movie definitely tries to ground this and make realism set in stone for the narrative.

Cast and release date

Alongside Cage, we will be seeing Juju Chan, Frank Grillo, and Rick Yune. A wonderful cast that fits perfectly with the style of this movie.

As for the director, we will be seeing Dimitri Logothetis take the lead; he hasn’t got many films under his belt, but hopefully he will deliver.

Jiu Jitsu is officially released on December 21st on digital only, with no cinema date set, likely due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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