'Warcraft: The Beginning' star Travis Fimmel has a crush on Paul Patton.

Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel

Fimmel, who is most famous for appearing in historical drama 'Vikings', stars with the brunette beauty in the fantasy movie adaptation of the video game and gushed that actress looked so stunning in her emerald Orc costume that it made him realise he fancies women who rock green ensembles.

Asked if he would rather be an Orc or a human if he played the video game, he said: "Whoever gets to be with Paula Patton probably. She looks hot in green, I didn't know I was into green, but now I can't wait to go to Comic Con and hopefully see a few green birds walking around!"

Fimmel was forced to bulk up in order to play Lothar in the Duncan Jones directed movie because his character wore incredibly heavy armour.

The 36-year-old star said: "I came on 'Warcraft' straight from 'Vikings' and they had a gym set up. I had to go to it just to wear the costume, That armour was so heavy - and the boots."

Meanwhile, Fimmel revealed his first ever job on his family's farm in Australia is a far cry from his new Hollywood lifestyle.

He told Metro newspaper: "We've still got the farm I grew up on. I still work there. We had a dairy farm so as boys we had to milk, look after the crops, harvesting, beef cattle. A lot of work. I love that stuff. I just wish you could make acting money doing it."