Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson, and Nathalie Emmanuel are just four of the big names coming together for new sci-fi thriller movie The Titan, and this week, an exhilarating new trailer for the flick has been released! You can check it out below:

The Titan tells the story of a group of space explorers who hold the future of planet Earth in their hands. The human race is facing extinction, forced to evolve or die out, and options for those wishing to survive are increasingly becoming limited.

Hotshot Air Force pilot Rick Janssen (Worthington) is handpicked for a military experiment that will hope to put a human being on Saturn’s moon, Titan. Though the environments there are incredibly harsh and dangerous, the experiment he’s to be a part of turns him into a super-human. Deadly side effects are rampant however, threatening not only his own life, but that of his wife Abigail (Schilling), his family, and the entire human race.

Directed by Lennart Ruff, the film comes from a story by Arash Amel, adapted into a screenplay by Max Hurwitz. Agyness Deyn, Corey Johnson, Aaron Heffernan, and Aleksandar Jovanovic are also amongst the stars.

The Titan comes to cinemas and Digital HD from April 13, 2018.

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