Steve McQueen has accused the movie industry of lacking imagination.

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen

The acclaimed filmmaker has hit out at Hollywood bosses, saying the film industry often demonstrates a lack of creative thinking and is also unwilling to take a risk on certain storylines.

He explained: "I can't remember if there has ever been a movie about a gay person who is a detective or the lead in a romantic comedy who doesn't have a problem with their sexuality. How is that possible?

"Certain people of power and influence in the industry are gay yet would never think about making a movie like that. What does it say about the worldview they're helping maintain?

"I'm not pointing fingers - I'm just saying that if we see two men or women walking down the street holding hands, we're not even gonna blink. But if it's on the screen, apparently it becomes thunderous."

But McQueen, 49, claimed that his latest movie 'Widows' - which tells the story of a group of women who attempt a heist - deviates from the norm within Hollywood.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "As an artist you have your path and that's fine. And sometimes the world won't agree with you and that's fine.

"I'm here hopefully for a little while and will do my work. I'm just telling a story about four women trying to get their s**t together, about the environment in which we're living, in a way that's not high heels and handbags, that's about human beings and full-on conversations."

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