Sophia Bush thinks 'The Incredibles' deserves some of the credit for the movie industry's current superhero obsession.

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush

The 35-year-old actress voices the part of Voyd - who has the ability to divert and manipulate objects around by creating voids - in the much-anticipated new film, and Sophia has suggested that the original movie in 2004 deserves more credit than it's been given over the years.

She explained: "There's honestly a part of me that wonders if 'The Incredibles' didn't really launch the craze.

"I think everyone realised how much fun these films are, and how you get to tell these big stories about real life themes, and then add on this layer of incredible entertainment with superheroes and powers and action sequences.

"Now, we look at the whole Marvel Universe and we go, 'Oh, okay!'"

Although the new movie only really exposes the superhero side of Sophia's character, the actress still took the time to consider how her character might live her off-screen life.

She told Collider: "I thought a lot about what I've learned, as an activist in the equal rights space.

"I've thought a lot about how so many of the young people in the LGBTQ community, who have felt shunned or othered, or the many people who feel shunned or othered because of their race or their gender, have had people who they've been able to look at, in the entertainment world.

"They have role models and people who say to them, 'It gets better.' I'll never forget hearing the story of this young gay boy in Oklahoma, who talked about how, growing up and watching 'Will & Grace' made him realise that his life was going to be okay, even though, as a kid, he wasn't really accepted and didn't feel like he ever would be, but he had something to look to.

"I think about that reality and that kind of a story for Voyd, being this young woman who is different and who has to hide who she is, and who can't tell anyone about her life and who can't tell anyone about her identity, and who has these powers and this magic that she really has to diminish it."

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