Roar Uthaug is "extremely proud" to be able to update the 'Tomb Raider' legacy.

Roar Uthaug

Roar Uthaug

The 44-year-old Norwegian filmmaker has helmed the movie reboot of the popular action game and admitted he hopes his film will inspire all people to try and "reach for their potential".

In an interview with SyFy Wire, Uthaug said: "First of all, I'm extremely proud to be able to update the legacy on the big screen and to create the new origin story for the big screen.

"That's an incredible honour, knowing all the fans out there and their expectations.

"I also think that we have created a very strong female heroine that I hope both girls and boys, can identify with and that can inspire all people to kind of try to reach for their potential.

"And having two daughters myself, I'm also hoping that it can inspire them as well."

The new movie - which has been dubbed an origins story - sees Swedish beauty Alicia Vikander taking on the iconic character Lara Croft, who was originally portrayed by Angelina Jolie in two movies back in 2001 and 2003.

And Uthaug knew he wanted Vikander to portray the action heroine and said 'The Danish Girl' star was on the top of their list.

He said: "Being a fellow Scandinavian, I, of course, knew of her work and I've always wanted to work with her.

"When we started thinking about who could portray our version of Lara Croft, she was immediately at the top of our list.

"I think she just has it all. She has vulnerability, and as you've seen from her before, in emotional scenes, you just really connect."

Uthaug also revealed that his leading lady pushed herself to get into the physical shape of the iconic action hero and was trained by the same trainer who worked with Alexander Skarsgard for 'The Legend of Tarzan'.

He said: "[Vikander] trained with her trainer, Magnus, who worked with Skarsgard for 'Tarzan.'

"He's Swedish as well, so they really hit it off. He pushed her really hard, and she pushed herself really hard to get in the physical shape to be an action hero, and also just to handle all the stuff that we were gonna put her through.

"All the s**t. Just all the running and jumping and swimming. She worked really hard with the stunt team preparing her for all the stunts that she had to go through."