Riley Keough signed up to 'The Discovery' because she is "fascinated" by life after death.

Riley Keough

Riley Keough

Keough thinks about the subject on a daily basis so was keen to land a role in the upcoming sci-fi motion picture, which is a love story told one year after the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified.

She said: "I've always been fascinated by life after death, and that was the subject matter of the film. There are not a lot of films on that subject, and it's something I think about often, probably every day. It was refreshing to read it.

"I didn't feel as crazy. And then, I met (writer/director) Charlie [McDowell] and he was great, and I just wanted to work with him."

Movie legend Robert Redford also stars in the motion picture, and Keough - who is Elvis Presley's eldest granddaughter - admitted he was a "kind" person, and she couldn't get over the fact she was appearing alongside him.

Speaking to Collider, she added: "I wouldn't call him normal. He's down-to-earth and kind, yes, but almost more kind and more down-to-earth than a normal person.

"He's got such an intense presence. He's a movie star, and he still has that. It's intense to be around and it's a beautiful thing.

"It was a moment in my life where it was like, 'Wow, I'm in a film with Robert Redford. That's pretty f***ing epic!'

"It's probably going to be one of the coolest things I'll look back on and remember. He's hilarious, charming, kind, cheeky, and all those great movie star qualities."

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