Sir Ridley Scott is not a fan of superhero movies.

Sir Ridley Scott

Sir Ridley Scott

The legendary 79-year-old director - who is famous for his epic sci-fi films such as 'Alien', 'Blade Runner' and 'The Martian' - is not about to use his talents on a film for Marvel or DC Entertainment as he has admitted he has turned down the chance of working on a comic book blockbuster "several times" before.

In an interview with Digital Spy, he said: "Superhero movies are not my kind of thing - that's why I've never really done one. [I've been asked] several times, but I can't believe in the thin, gossamer tight-rope of the non-reality of the situation of the superhero."

Scott believes his 1982 cult classic 'Blade Runner' - which starred Harrison Ford as rogue android hunter Deckard and is based on Philip K. Dick's novel 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' - is stylistically the movie he has made which is closest to a comic strip, so he is certain he could make a great superhero flick if he wanted to.

He said: "I've done that kind of movie - 'Blade Runner' really is a comic strip when you think about it, it's a dark story told in an unreal world. You could almost put Batman or Superman in that world, that atmosphere, except I'd have a f***ing good story, as opposed to no story!"

Although he is approaching his 80th birthday, Scott has no intention of stepping away from the movie business and this year he has 'Prometheus' sequel 'Alien: Covenant' coming out in May and he has worked as executive producer on 'Blade Runner 2049', the science fiction follow-up which hits cinemas in October.

However, he openly admits he does have concerns about the future of film industry.

He said: "I want to keep doing cinema and I hope it doesn't affect those of us who still keep making smart films. I'm hoping it doesn't affect me."