Richard E. Grant and Andie MacDowell feared they would never work again after the disastrous 'Hudson Hawk'.

Richard E. Grant

Richard E. Grant

The pair co-starred with Bruce Willis in the 1991 flop - which Willis co-wrote - and Richard revealed that after he and Andie saw an early screening of the movie, they both worried that their careers would be over because it was so bad.

He told The Observer magazine: "I sat with Andie MacDowell and our agents when we were encouraged to go and see a screening of it before its premiere, and Andie and I both looked at each other simultaneously and said, 'We will never work again'."

And Richard, 62, admitted that actors need to take a chance on all movies as there is never any guarantee that they will turn out the way you expect.

He explained: "So, with the best intentions, I think it's like internet dating or any dating: you go into something hoping you're going to fall in love and it's going to work out ... and then, of course, it's a living nightmare!"

Richard also revealed the difference he noticed between himself and Bruce, 65, after the American movie star asked him on set why English actors often taken on roles that are "unsympathetic or deviant", something Bruce claimed he would never do.

Richard mused: "Maybe that's the definition of a movie star, which is what he is, as opposed to a character actor, which is what I am. It just clearly divided the line between what your career choice or trajectory is."

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