Ralph Fiennes cast a dancer rather than an actor in 'The White Crow' as the film was "very financially challenged".

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes

The 56-year-old actor directed and produced the upcoming film which follows Rudolf Nureyev (Sergei Polunin) as he becomes a top ballet dancer in Russia and revealed that he chose to feature a real ballet dancer in the movie as financial and time limits on the movie meant a body double would be ineffective.

In an interview with website HeyUGuys, the 'Harry Potter' star said: "I think ballet dancers have very specific physicality in the way they move of course there is a version where you could cast an actor - but you would need to use a body dancing double unless that actor happened to be a great ballet dancer.

"I felt that if I had a dancer - I knew we would be shooting in the limited time frame and that the ability to swap out dancing doubles in the scene would be denied by the time limitation.

"We were financially very challenged and therefore our time to shoot is challenged and therefore if I can get a dancer so I can shoot the scene and not have to worry of cutting away to someone else we would achieve the filming schedule."

The 'Schindler's List' actor went on to explain that it "made sense" to hire a dancer rather than an actor and insisted that being able to work without a double was the "dream ticket".

He said: "I thought that makes sense that this was about a great dancer so to have someone who can sit at the bar and do a warm up exercise and we can follow their face and go to their feet and their legs that felt like the dream ticket."

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