The directors of 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' want to make a Disney Princess spin-off movie.

Disney Princess Snow White

Disney Princess Snow White

The recent sequel - which comes after the 2012 animated adventure 'Wreck-It Ralph' - includes scenes where, in an internet world, Ralph's best friend Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) enters a Disney fan site where she meets and befriends all the Disney Princesses such as Belle, Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine and Cinderella.

The film's directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston revealed that they think a Princess based movie is "an idea worth exploring" due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the scenes from fans, which includes the Princesses "in action" at the end of the film, where they save Ralph (John C. Reilly) from falling to his death when the internet starts to disintegrate.

Speaking to The AV Club, Moore said: "I think it's an idea worth exploring because everywhere we go, we hear that response, 'Oh my God, I love the Princesses like that.'

"Not just the scene with them meeting Vanellope and talking about what it means to be a princess, but then to see them in action at the end.

"It does feel like there's something to that - that people are finally seeing the Princesses do what you've always believed they could do, but you've never seen it before."

Although the directors like the idea of a spin-off and say their fans are always suggesting ideas, they did admit that nothing official has happened yet.

Moore continued: "I don't know if there's any conversations going on here seriously about [a spin-off], but we've definitely heard a lot of [positive response from the fans]. The fans are off the charts with the ideas that are out there."