Pedro Almodovar isn't "conscious" of how "sexy" his casts are.

Pedro Almodovar

Pedro Almodovar

The 'Julieta' filmmaker insists he has a "varied" taste in men but has never truly appreciated how hunky the stars of his films are, such as Antonio Banderas and Gael Garcia Bernal, until afterwards.

He said: "I have a varied taste.

"I recognise [Antonio and Gael] are very handsome, but I don't just like only one type, I'm very eclectic in my taste.

"When I work with them, I might be aware of the fact they're handsome before or after making the movie but there's something that de-eroticises them when we're working together.

"For example, with Antonio Banderas during the 1980s, we were very close friends and after he went to Hollywood we'd see each other often, but when someone said to me, 'Oh Antonio, he's so sexy.' I was surprised because at the time I didn't realise it.

"I don't see him so often now, but when I see him on TV in 'Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!' or 'Law of Desire', I realise how incredibly sexy and handsome he was. But at the time I wasn't conscious of it."

Pedro's movies often incorporate song and dance sequences, and he admitted he would love to make a full musical production one day.

He told Attitude magazine: "I should do [a musical], I love the genre.

"In my movies there is always someone who starts singing. Songs are very important in my movies. It's something that I must get around to doing."