Pedro Almodovar

Pedro Almodovar

Pedro Almodovar wanted 'I'm So Excited' to be like a "screwball American comedy."

The Spanish director planned for his latest film - which stars Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz - to be light and humourous in light of the current dire economic situation in Spain.

He said: "What I had in my head was the typical American screwball comedy. I wanted to go back to comedy and, thinking about the situation we are living with now in Spain, I thought it was a good idea to release a comedy in this moment. I think it's great to be able to celebrate at this time just being alive, and to remind people that the greatest gift given to us by nature is sex, and to pay tribute to the new freedoms that we gained here in Spain. It's a good time to think about those things."

Pedro, 63, added he also wanted the film to reflect the freedoms Spain achieved in the 80s after the dictatorship of General Franco was over.

He told Attitude magazine: "When you're doing a crazy comedy set inside a plane, the obvious thing is to make your three flight attendants who are your main characters as flamboyant as you can. These three are more overly feminine compared to my other gay characters.

"But I'm more about celebrating the explosion of freedoms that we gained in the 80s than homosexuality itself."