Sir Patrick Stewart would be willing to return to the 'X-Men' franchise if the right reasons came up to revive Charles Xavier.

Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart

The 76-year-old actor announced he was calling time on his role as the founder of the X-Men Charles Xavier after 'Logan', but he has hinted that he would be up for reprising the role for 'Deadpool 2' despite announcing his retirement from the films last week after 17 years.

Asked if he has left the 'X-Men' franchise for good, he told MTV during a Facebook Live chat: "I would have said yes, but the discussion just now about 'Deadpool' makes me think, well, maybe there is a proper justification for the revival of Charles Xavier."

It comes after he admitted he felt emotional playing Professor Xavier for the final time in 'Logan'.

The award-winning actor has played the role of the iconic Professor since 2000 and he admitted to feeling nostalgic during the making of the James Mangold-directed movie.

Asked if he felt emotional while making the film, Sir Patrick shared: "There were moments during production, yeah. There's a moment in the first scene when I very tenderly take Hugh Jackman's face in my hand and then say, 'What a disappointment you are.' Ha!

"I was very lucky on this film - my first scene was my opening scene in the movie, my last night's work was my last scene."

Despite his sadness, Sir Patrick stressed that 'Logan' is funny at times, too.

He added: "People are surprised at how much humor there is in 'Logan'. Even in the middle of fairly uncomfortable scenes, like the early one Hugh and I have in the tank - but it's funny at times, too."