Olivia Wilde is angry that an airline has edited out an intimate same-sex scene from her film 'Booksmart'.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

The 35-year-old actress directed the coming-of-age comedy and she admits that her "heart just broke" after discovering that a scene showing Kaitlyn Dever's character Amy Antsler and Diana Silvers alter ego Hope getting intimate was cut from the in-flight version of the film as well as a kiss between the pair, whilst keeping in heterosexual kisses in the movie.

Speaking to Variety, Olivia said: "I don't understand it. There's censorship, airline to airline, of films, which there must be some kind of governing board to determine. We rate it a certain way. If it's not X-rated, surely it's acceptable on an airplane.

"There's insane violence of bodies being smashed in half and yet a love scene between two women is censored from the film. It's such an integral part of this character's journey. I don't understand it. My heart just broke. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it; I want people to experience the entire film."

Olivia did not name the airline that had censored the film, although social media reports have suggested that it is Delta Air Lines.

The airline version of the movie also has the word 'lesbian' censored out, a decision that Olivia condemned on Twitter.

She tweeted: "Censoring the word lesbian is just bat**** insane what is going on."

Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever, who star in the movie, also expressed anger at the decision to cut the scene.

Beanie, 26, said: "We're on the case to get this rectified. Our movie is a beautiful representation of the queer experience as young people. I'm a queer person. So we're getting to the bottom of it, don't worry."

Kaitlyn admitted that she was unaware of the controversy until she was asked about it, but said it was "ridiculous".

The 22-year-old actress said: "It's ridiculous. I don't even know what to say to that. That makes me so mad."

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