Two things that go really well together are films focusing on real-life events, and Benedict Cumberbatch. His role in 2014 film The Imitation Game definitely set him up to be a fantastic choice for true-life movies.

This August (2021), comes a retelling of the life of Greville Wynne, a British businessman who was recruited into one of the most significant international conflicts in history. The Courier is set to be a thrilling tale of spies and perseverance.

Wynne became known for acting as a courier for MI6 after being recruited due to his frequent travel to Europe. He was born in 1919, and provided a great service for Great Britain during his time as a spy.

In the 60s, Wynne, an average everyday businessman, is pulled into a mission regarding the safety of the entire world. With the threat of a nuclear war, Wynne isn’t sure he’s the man for the job.

On the behalf of MI6 and a CIA operative (Rachel Brosnahan), Wynne travels to Russia to strike up a covert and dangerous relationship with Soviet officer Oleg Penkovsky (Merab Ninidze), in an attempt to provide critical information required to avoid a nuclear confrontation, and defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In the trailer, we see Wynne insist that he is “just a salesman”, as he is essentially forced to sing to MI6’s tune and risk what he thinks is an average life. It goes to show that those who appear to be in the background can have a large impact on the world.

Cumberbatch seems to have nailed his role and, from what the trailer shows us, does perfectly as a spy. The man he portrays risked everything, and the actor’s dedication and talent shines through in the trailer.

Critics have compared The Courier to the likes of James Bond, and have praised it for being an excellent espionage-based thriller. The movie definitely seems to be a tense, suspenseful story, one that Collider has called a ‘propulsive cold war thriller that is compelling through and through’.

The trailer also shows us some stunning shots from the film, a beautiful wardrobe and incredible set design. The story of Wynne will certainly be told in exemplary fashion.

The Courier will be in cinemas August 13th, 2021.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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