Nat Wolff

Nat Wolff

Nat Wolff can boast about getting beaten up by a Schwarzenegger after Arnold's son Patrick left him punch drunk during a fight scene on the set of their new movie Stuck In Love.

The pair's characters get into a scrap at a party over a girl and Wolff admits the choreography was off and Schwarzengger slugged him for real.

He tells WENN, "We had practiced it a bunch of times and then when we got really amped for the first take Patrick hit me across the face.

"It was really hard to the point if you freeze frame it you see spit coming out of my mouth!

"Patrick kind of leans down to say, 'Are you OK?' and I say, 'Just keep going.' Then afterwards I was sort of still in shock from the hit - I mean he is a Schwarzenegger!

"I said, 'At least you weren't wearing your rings', and he said, 'I am wearing my rings!' "He just gave me a big bruise.

"I had this big puffy cheek for the last day of shooting. It was the first time I'd been punched in a movie".