Miranda Richardson doesn't think the UK has a "thriving movie industry".

Miranda Richardson

Miranda Richardson

The 59-year-old actress has starred in a number of British movies and TV series, including 'Chicken Run' and 'Blackadder II' - but she has slammed the country's entertainment business, and has claimed the reason she has moved "about a bit" in the industry is because she doesn't think it is as successful as other places.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Richardson said: "Well, everybody's doing everything now, as we know.

"I've always thought of work like that. And because we don't have a thriving movie industry here, you've got to move about a bit."

Richardson currently stars in 'Stronger' alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, which depicts the life of American author Jeff Bauman who was lost both his legs in the Boston marathon bombing in 2013.

In the movie, which was directed by David Gordon Green, Richardson portrays Gyllenhaal's on-screen mother Patty, who is an alcoholic.

But Richardson feared she was going overboard in her portrayal of an intoxicated parent.

She said: "I'm going to have to disappoint you, because there wasn't much talk about it.

"We just did it, and I had to trust that it wasn't too much."

The Boston marathon bombing killed three people, but left hundreds of innocent people severely injured and Bauman was among 16 people to lose limbs.

The incident only happened four years ago, but Gyllenhaal insists the creative team were "very mindful" when working on the production, although the 36-year-old actor appreciates some people in the audience may think it's too soon to tell the tragic story on the big screen.

He previously said: "We have been very mindful with this film. And if people haven't seen it, and don't know what the movie is about, they might think it's too soon [to do a film like this]. But I do understand the sensitivities around it."

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