Mickey Rourke is to produce and star in new crime drama movie 'Twilight Into Darkness'.

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke

The 66-year-old star is set to appear as a detective who becomes obsessed with a case about a child killer while he is searching for his own redemption.

According to Variety, Rourke will team up with Brian Metcalf, who will produce the motion picture, after he directed the 'Wrestler' star in drama movie 'Adverse'.

He said: "I had a wonderful time working with the innovative, talented director Brian Metcalf.

"The young man has incredible integrity and vision. He has gained my respect."

Metcalf added: "I'm excited to be collaborating with Mickey Rourke again as he is one of the greatest legendary talents alive today.

"His commitment and dedication to his work is truly impressive. It's an amazing experience working with him."

Principal photography is set to begin next year, which looks to be a busy one for Rourke.

It was recently reported he is set to play a Nazi-loving white supremacist in new movie 'Night Walk'.

He will star as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood - a neo-Nazi movement - alongside Sean Stone, the son of award-winning director Oliver Stone, in the new film, which is set for release in 2019.

His character will attempt to recruit Stone's alter-ego into the neo-Nazi gang after he's wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his Arab wife.

Stone recently said: "It's a story of star-crossed lovers, two people from different cultures, a white guy from the States and a woman from the Middle East and the love story turns into a nightmare when my character is wrongfully convicted of killing her while travelling to her homeland.

"It's got elements of wrongful conviction and my experience in prison as I basically go from hatred to self-discovery, finding faith and spiritual awakening.

"Mickey plays the tough guy, an Aryan brother who I encounter on my first day in prison. He intimidates my character and I have to decide whether to join his gang to protect me or join a Muslim gang."

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