Michael Pena is to star in 'The Worker'.

Michael Pena

Michael Pena

Pena - who was seen supporting Paul Rudd in 'Ant-Man' and opposite Matt Damon in 'The Martian' last year - has won the lead role in the action thriller that has been likened to 'The Bourne' and 'Taken' franchises.

Michael will play a Mexican federal agent who is working deep undercover to investigate big drug cartels but is forced to leave the country and enter witness protection in Los Angeles with his family, when his cover is blown.

He takes up work as a labourer and is relieved his wife and son are safe, but the cartels find him and kidnap his wife and son, forcing to set out on a mission to save his family.

Dan Bradley will direct 'The Worker' and has the right credentials since he worked as a stunt coordinator and second unit film director on 'The Bourne Supremacy' and 'The Bourne Ultimatum'.

Jeremy Renner and Don Handfield are set to produce the film with their company The Combine.