Michael Pena is set to star in Clint Eastwood's 'The Mule'.

Michael Pena

Michael Pena

The 42-year-old actor has reportedly jumped on board the upcoming blockbuster, which is based on Leo Sharp - a 90 year old who was an award-winning horticulturist and World War II veteran known for his prized lilies when he was busted for running drugs for Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel and later sent to prison - and directed by Eastwood.

Pena will play the enforcer in the blockbuster, while Dianne Wiest, Laurence Fishburne, Alison Eastwood, Taissa Farmiga, and Ignacio Serrichio have also joined the film, according to 'The Hollywood Reporter'.

Bradley Cooper is being lined up to play DEA agent Colin Bates, a hard-charging type who collars Eastwood's character Earl Stone, in the movie.

The 43-year-old actor has been looking for ways he can work with the 87-year-old filmmaker since their hit movie 'American Sniper' scored several Oscar nominations and bagged a trophy back in 2014 - and now it looks like he may have found it.

However, it will all depend on his schedule as he's finishing his directorial debut 'A Star Is Born' and has been working on a biopic that he'll direct and star in.

Cooper has signed on to helm the movie about the American composer Leonard Bernstein and he is reportedly writing the script alongside Josh Singer.

Cooper will also produce the movie with the help of Fred Berner, Amy Durning, Kristie Macosko Krieger, Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese.

It's not yet known when 'The Mule' will be ready to hit the big screen, but Eastwood has a reputation for his quick turn around so it could be as early as 2019.