Meg Ryan wants to direct a romantic comedy.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan

The 56-year-old star of classic romcoms including 'Sleepless In Seattle', 'When Harry Met Sally' and 'You've Got Mail' has been working with her frequent collaborator Nora Ephron's sister Delia on an adaptation of 'The Book' and Meg hopes she can get behind the camera for it.

Speaking about the project, which is set in the publishing world, Meg told Variety: "This is a working title project and I'm very excited about that. I would love to direct it. It's a romantic comedy in a very traditional sense in some ways - in a certain way the plot, and it's talky, but it pushes the form too.

"Right now I'm concentrating on being a director, which means throwing about 100 things at the wall and hoping they stick, right?"

Meg shocked her fans with a major departure from her romcom roots with 2003 erotic thriller 'In The Cut' and, in hindsight, she believes she should have warned her fans before they saw it.

She said: "Maybe, in terms of publicity and doing PR before a film, we should have prepared the audience for the fact that my role was really a departure.

"I loved the movie. And I loved doing it, and I'm really proud of it. I love that it is such a dichotomy and opposite to 'Sleepless.' I think any label anyone is given is a limit because ultimately it's a label. But I don't feel like it was a terrible limit.

"I heard Mike Nichols say once that art is whatever makes you feel less alone. There are some times when a movie like 'In the Cut' matches your feeling and makes you feel less alone. You go ah, someone understands me out there.

"And sometimes something like 'Sleepless in Seattle' makes you feel understood too because, however nutty, you have those same hopes."

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