Matthew Broderick almost turned down the lead role in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'.

Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick

The 1986 movie is one of 58-year-old Matthew's most iconic roles but he admitted he was initially hesitant to take on the part of the high-school slacker who skips school for a day in Chicago.

During an interview on Sirius XM's 'Quarantined with Bruce Bozzi', Matthew explained: "I thought [the script] was great, and I had a teeny hesitation because having just done [the plays] 'Brighton Beach [Memoirs]' and 'Biloxi [Blues],' I was like, 'Wow, I'm talking to the audience, just like in these plays… and even in [the 1985 movie] 'Ladyhawke' he talks to the camera a bit. … You know, when you're young or starting out you think, 'I have to do something different.'"

However, friends, family and his agent, urged Matthew to take the role as John Hughes was directing and Matthew finally agreed to sign on.

He said: "My memory is, before I had hung up the phone, [my agent] was like behind me in the room, saying, 'Yes, you should do it'. "He flew to New York. 'I'll see you tomorrow. Let's just not talk about it anymore now, I'll see you tomorrow,' and he came and was suddenly in the room with me, saying, 'Yeah, I do think you should do it.'"

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