Liv Tyler almost quit acting when she had an identity crisis.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

The 'Gunpowder' actress was very confident when she was younger, but reached a point a few years ago where she suddenly found herself feeling "insecure" and questioning everything about herself, even whether she was happy with her career.

She said: "[There was] a moment where I had a weird little point. I felt I knew myself very well when I was young, but there was this moment in the middle when I felt very insecure, very shy and I wanted to hide away from everything. I didn't feel like I had the answers any more. There was a moment when I was questioning if I even wanted to be an actor at all."

Liv - who has son Milo, 12, from her marriage to Royston Langdon and Sailor, two, and Lula, 13 months with fiance Dave Gardner, as well as caring for her partner's 10-year-old son Gray - turned 40 earlier this year and she's feeling very comfortable with her age.

She told Red magazine: "Honestly, I haven't thought about it too much. And I don't feel 40. I mean, in that way you imagine when you're a kid that 40 is going to feel.

"If anything, age is amazing. To know yourself much-better. That's an amazing feeling."

To celebrate her birthday, Liv's friend Kate Moss threw her a party at her Cotswolds home and the low-key bash was exactly what she wanted.

She said: "It was really sweet. I just wanted to be with my family and a couple of my best friends and have a garden party in the afternoon and just be together.

"I didn't want a massive ... rave-type thing. I don't like the pressure of planned parties. I love it when it happens by accident.

"It's probably the New Yorker in me, where you might go to dinner with friends, then end up in some amazing basement on the corner, drinking whisky and there's a brilliant juke box.

"And I don't really like lots of attention, so the idea of a big birthday party just made me feel stressed out."

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