Kim Cattrall chooses her acting roles based on how "fun" they are.

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall

The 62-year-old actress - who recently played Agrippina in the children's comedy 'Horrible Histories: The Movie' - doesn't take her long-running career as "seriously" as she once did because she prefers to have a "great time" on set whilst working on a project.

Kim said: "One of the reasons I said yes to Horrible Histories was also because I'm not taking my career now, in my sixties, as seriously as I did in my 30's, my 40s and my 50s.

"I'm kind of making choices on the level of 'Is this something that I'm really going to have fun for a week, or two, three weeks'.

"I'm just about to go back and do a series in the states and one of the criteria was 'Who are the people? Is it going to be fun? Let's do it!'

"Not 'Is this going to get me to this level.' I used to think it's a hit if people really like it, I think it's a hit if I had a great time."

And the 'Sex and the City' star thought being part of the star-studded 'Horrible Histories: The Movie' cast, which also includes Nick Frost, Emilia Jones and Derek Jacobi to name a few, was simply "fantastic".

She added to BBC Radio 2: "I'm in a really lucky position, monetary issues obviously help you be in the state of mind, but you could be in that state of mind if you're aware of what's going on out there and trying to connect yourself to those kind of productions. A lot of people say 'Why would you do a film like this?' I say 'It was fantastic!'"

The 'Mannequin' actress also insisted she loves to "work hard" but keeps her priorities "aligned" to make sure she has balance in her life.

She continued: "I think I'm doing something that I really enjoy, I'm spending time with people that I love, I'm still out there but I think I have my priorities more in align and I think that's changed throughout the decades. I see that I want to have fun, I want to work hard but I also want to have some time away, just me time.

"Just time to be in nature, we have a place in Canada where I grew up Vancouver Island, and it's just lovely to get away, have no part of show business, and watch movies I've never seen or missed because I was working so hard. It's not called retirement, but I think that's that thing that I've gotten right, to pace myself and come from a place of real joy in the decisions that I make."

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