Katherine Waterston has been cast in 'Alien: Covenant'.

Katherine Waterston

Katherine Waterston

Waterston has been handed her biggest movie role to date in the Ridley Scott-directed sci-fi film, in which she will play the lead, Daniels, according to Deadline.

Although plot details of the new movie - which also stars Michael Fassbender - remain a tightly-guarded secret, it is thought to follow the crew of the colony ship Covenant who discover what they consider to be an uncharted paradise.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Ridley Scott explained where the latest film fits in with the rest of the series.

He said: "They're going to go to the planet where the engineers came from and come across the evolving creature that they had made. Why did they make it? Why would they make such a terrifying beast?

"It felt bio-mechanoid, it felt like a weapon. And so the movie will explain that, and reintroduce the alien back into it."

What's more, he previously revealed there will be a trilogy of new films, meaning the series' storyline is unlikely to come full circle until the last movie is released.