Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy

Julie Deply has revealed that she is a big fan of the work by Robert Altman and Woody Allen.

The actress made her feature film directorial debut back in 2002 with Looking For Jimmy and she admits that she would love to enjoy the success of these two great filmmakers.

Speaking to Reuters the actress said: "I want to have [Woody's] career. If I have his career I will be very, very happy and very, very lucky.

"I also love Robert Altman, I love how he created interaction between characters and this feeling that everything is totally natural and normal."

2 Days In New York was the last directorial outing for Delpy, also starring in the movie and penning the screenplay.

She has another directing project in the pipeline in the form of The Right Profile but she is also going to be back just acting in Les Passages with Mary-Louise Parker.


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