John Carpenter approves "every creative turn" in the new 'Halloween' movie.

John Carpenter

John Carpenter

The 69-year-old horror legend helmed and scored the 1978 original and is officially serving as an executive producer on the upcoming new movie by director David Gordon Green, who co-wrote the script with 'Eastbound & Down' star Danny McBride.

However, producer John Blum has admitted Carpenter's role and influence goes much wider than was previously thought.

He explained to "We don't take any big steps without his approval, so for instance hiring David and Danny he approved.

"He approved their pitch, he approved their first script. He approving bring back Jamie Lee Curtis.

"So anytime we make a big creative turn he's involved with that and we don't do it without his blessing.

"We went to him and asked him to be involved. There was no contractual, financial or any other obligation to have him on this movie. We went back and asked him to join us again."

The original movie saw six-year-old Michael Myers murder his 17-year-old sister and, after being locked away for 15 years, escaped and returned to his hometown to find his next victims, targeting babysitters on Halloween evening.

But the white-masked killer met his match when Laurie Strode (Curtis) fought to protect herself and the two children she is babysitting.

In September, Curtis revealed she will be reprising her role for one final battle with the psychopathic killer.

The 58-year-old actress is coming back to the movie series, which kicked off her big screen career back in 1978, making her Hollywood's horror "scream queen".

Curtis has reprised her famous role three times since Carpenter's original, in 1981's 'Halloween II', 1998's 'Halloween H20: 20 Years Later' and 2002's 'Halloween: Resurrection' but the new film from Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures is being billed as the "final" Halloween.

McBride has previously stated that he wants his movie to act like a direct sequel to the first two films and he is going to be faithful to Carpenter's original idea for Myers.

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