Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix has been linked to the role of John Belushi for a new biopic film.

Phoenix is just the latest name to be linked with this role after it was revealed that Emile Hirsch and Adam DeVine are also being considered.

The movie sees Steve Conrad in the director's chair and the movie will look at Belushi's life from his rise to fame and his fatal struggle with addiction.

The Blues Brothers remains one of Belushi's most famous roles, and co-star Dan Ackroyd will produce the film.

This isn't the first time the comedian - who passed away age 33 from a drug overdose - as an 1989 adaptation of Bob Woodward's book 'Wired' saw Michael Chiklis portray Belushi, but the movie was reportedly shunned by the star's friends and family.

We will be seeing Phoenix return to the big screen next year with Inherent Vice.

The movie will see him reunite with director Paul Thomas Anderson and actress Reese Witherspoon. Owen Wilson, Jena Malone and Josh Brolin are also on the cast list.

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