Jason Reitman

Jason Reitman

Jason Reitman "re-learned" how to make films to direct his latest movie, 'Labor Day'..

The Oscar-nominated director Reitman has had massive success with acclaimed films such as 'Juno', 'Up in the Air' and 'Young Adult', but his latest feature required a more serious tone, so he had to teach himself how to create a dramatic cinematic experience.

He said: "I had to re-learn how to make a movie for 'Labor Day'; it has a completely different cinematic language. It doesn't use all the usual ideas I rely on like tons of dialogue, humour, music and editing. This is a movie that had to sit more still; it's a romance, it's a drama, it's a thriller ... I had to learn how to scare people. I honestly felt like I was making my first film all over again."

Despite the darker nature of his latest movie, Reitman admits the atmosphere on-set was much more light-hearted and credits his leading actors, Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, for the warm environment.

He added to Femalefirst.co.uk "This was a lovely, easygoing set - Josh Brolin was making pies every day, the young boy [Gattlin Griffith] taught me to throw a football over the course of the shoot. It wasn't really a tense set. I think a set's mood disseminates from the nature of the actors in it and Josh and Kate are such lovely people, and so because of that it was a really lovely set."

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